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                  Anhui Sunsing Chemicals Co., Ltd.
                    Phthalocyanine Green G (7)
                    Dyestuff index Code: C.I.Pigment Green 7 (74260)
                    Shape and properties: It is deep green posder with bright color and high coloring ability. It can't dissolve in water and ordinary solvent.
                    It's olive green in concentrated sulphuric acid and turns to green sediment after diluted. It has good sunning-resistance and heatresistance which belong to chorocopper phthalocyanine fade-less color.
                    Quality Norm: Index the standard of Q/SS03-2002
                    Outword appearance
                    dark green powder
                    Color Light
                    similar to standard product
                    Dye-up take
                    100±5(standard product)
                    Moisture Content
                    Oil absorption
                    Specific item
                    Salt in water solution
                    Used: It is used for coloring of  paints. printing ink, varinished cloth and things of culture & education.
                    Package: In 200kgs iron drum. cardboard drum or paper-polythene mixed bag.